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Proven 3-6% less fuel consumption and guaranteed 6 months return on investment period

Most shipping companies present a loss of 3-6% in fuel consumption due to insufficient or unreliable fleet data. Significant findings generated by more than 250 LAROS system installations indicate that reliable data contribute in reduction of fuel consumption, emissions and operating costs. Our mission is to provide shipping organizations with the most accurate data collection platform for multi-dimensional performance analysis & monitoring leading our customers to maritime Business Intelligence.


    LAROS is a comprehensive monitoring management platform that wirelessly gathers real time data from all Ship's points of interest. LAROS provides unified analytics and reports to multiple departments onshore, enabling smarter decision making in day to day operations.

    Project Details

  • Laros Features

    • Unified system simplifies ship performance management
    • Smart wireless collectors gather data from any sensor, instrument, or measuring device
    • Data filtering, unification and secure transmission to HQ
    • User defined KPIs provide better analytics
    • Automated reporting with user customizable content

    Project Details

Laros Process

  • Collect


    LAROS system for complete vertical integration
    LAROS smart collectors can be applied to any vessel system, instrument or sensors allowing fully automated data collection directly from signal/data source without human intervention. Collectors are designed and manufactured (by PRISMA ELECTRONICS S.A.) in such a manner that can interface with literally any measuring instrument onboard creating an ecosystem of unlimited data collection across the vessel. LAROS facilitates advanced security as the wireless data collection and transmission is being made through a secure (encrypted) self-healing network (MESH) employing ZigBee Pro technology.

  • Unify Data

    Unify Data

    LAROS system imports data from multiple systems and diverse sources …diverse data available on demand to compare.
    Most platforms are focused on specific areas of interest. What is unique on LAROS solution is its ability to integrate all existing systems as ERP, electronic logbooks, report and allows you to integrate diverse data as weather conditions, forecast, engine performance, fuel consumption, hotel and more available. LAROS can be used as Unique application to advance your vessel or achieve integration by covering missing points and blind spots existing systems. All data from all sources are unified and provided available to compare and benchmark.

  • Monitor KPIs

    Monitor KPIs

    Bespoke KPI’s for Situation Awareness
    Applying the immerse experience gained from over 250 successful installations LAROS system comes with a library of ready KPIs for Engine Performance, FOC, Route Optimization and many more. Still, LAROS is the only solution that offers comprehensive tools for easy creation of customized KPI’s to the user. Import information from any source and form your own custom KPI’s for each vessel or compare performance of sister vessels. All data are processed and analyzed to provide smart analytics and insight to efficient decision making. LAROS is a modular platform that is fully customizable and expandable any time needed with no extra costs involved.

  • Visualize reports

    Visualize reports

    Your Ships at your Fingertips … user friendly and easy to use dashboard
    Be connected to your fleet and access information using a terminal pc, tablet or mobile phone. Instant alerts and reports (noon, voyage, alarms etc). LAROS system allows easy sharing of information and reports for any maritime ecosystem including ports and other authorities. Get the simplest and most efficient way to perform your day to day tasks in a user friendly and easy to use dashboard that is fully accessible and easily customizable to any user.

How it works?

How it works?
How it works? LAROS is a powerful tool capable to provide complete diagnosis, prognosis and...

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The Architecture

The Architecture
The Architecture LAROS platform consists of a network of wireless collectors, connected to...

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What is CBM?

What is CBM?
What is CBM? Condition-based maintenance (CBM), shortly described, is maintenance when need...

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Latest News

Laros at 9th Shipping Congress

Laros at 9th Shipping Congress

Recent Geopolitical changes accompanied by continually altering environmental regulations require imminent measures and fast adaptation on a mimimun cost basis. The supply chain in bunkering is radically changing. Same applies to transportation of energy resources too. Maritime organization needs to be in control of operations  and compliance in new standards is vital than ever before. 


The Chief of Hellenic Navy General Staff at Prisma Electronics

The Chief of Hellenic Navy General Staff at Prisma Electronics

The Chief of Hellenic Navy General Staff Vice Admiral Nikolaos Tsounis has visited the production facilities of Prisma Electronics SA at Industrial Area of Alexandroupolis.


Laros at Official Opening Event “THE NEXT SOCIETY

Laros at Official Opening Event “THE NEXT SOCIETY"

Greece in Partnership with Enterprise Greece invited Prisma Electronics SA to the Official Opening Event “THE NEXT SOCIETY - Innovators shaping the future in the Mediterranean” on 16 May 2017 in Athens.


"By using LAROS we were able to save over 3% in fuel, while improving day-to-day operations efficiency, maintenance and unplanned repairs.” 

K. Y., Senior Manager for 19 Tankers



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