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The Research & Development department of Prisma Electronics SA has been working on LAROS technology for over 10 years by investing on hardware and software continuous evolution. LAROS holistic approach on performance measurement and condition analysis includes all installation services, technical support and consulting services to maritime companies – prospective customers. 

LAROS support services include:
• Every installation including both onboard and onshore is performed by LAROS technical team within 3-5 days
• Software customization to customer needs
• Remote System maintenance and updates without crew or operators interference
• Hardware and Software support on 24/7 basis
• Warranty for all LAROS products with full technical support and immediate device repair/replacement when needed



  • 42 Poseidonos Ave., Kallithea
    Athens, P.C. 17675
  • +30 210 931 3110



  • 5 Chancery Lane
    London, WC2A 1LG
    United Kingdom
  • +44(0)2074061481

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