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Automated Reporting

LAROS Reporting is a service that sends automatically, at set time period, reports to different users through e-mail in pdf or other compatible to device format. Reports include all relevant information created by an automated or manual data entry manner and they can be further customized according to users’ preferences. LAROS reports can be viewed on any terminal device such as Windows/Apple OS PCs or any mobile tablet/phone.

Regulatory compliance

LAROS technology is always aligned with future needs and requirements of the shipping industry by incorporating all new regulatory and Green Shipping requirements. Keeping up with this effort, we have developed our new module for MRV Reporting that promises the most reliable and easy way to be compliant with MRV Regulation. LAROS core technology and multi point’s data gathering flexibility also covers future regulations concerning SOx, NOx and many other particles that will be needed to be monitored and properly reported.

Hull and propeller Monitoring

Hull Fouling is one of the major reasons for excessive fuel consumption. LAROS technology is offering the right tools for early detection/visualisation and quantification of this consumption that is due to fouling. Being able to quantify the loss makes it is easy to support decision for action.

Main Engine Condition Monitoring

By monitoring vital parameters linked to the M/E operation, information can be combined to enable optimisation of its operation. This engineering focused situational awareness provides valuable insight that can assist with CBM and decision making.

Voyage Parameter Monitoring and Optimization

Trim optimization, weather routing and speed profiling are some of the applications that LAROS can facilitate regarding navigational parameters.