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Harvesting High-Frequency Data

Monetize Your Fleet Data

The Leading Data Collection Solution in the Maritime

Harvesting high-frequency data

A turnkey solution for Maritime Business Intelligence

Proven 3-6% less fuel consumption and guaranteed 6 months return on investment period

Most shipping companies present a loss of 3-6% in fuel consumption due to insufficient or unreliable fleet data. Significant findings generated by more than 250 LAROS system installations indicate that reliable data contribute in reduction of fuel consumption, emissions and operating costs. Our mission is to provide shipping organizations with the most accurate data collection platform for multi-dimensional performance analysis & monitoring leading our customers to maritime Business Intelligence.

LAROS (Lloyd’s award for Technical achievement) is a comprehensive Wireless Remote Monitoring & Performance Analysis system based on innovative hardware and sophisticated software.

LAROS unique data collection structure allows fast installation together with expanding flexibility regarding the connectivity/interfaces. LAROS enhanced analytics allow complete vessel situational awareness and profound analysis of all critical ship’s operations in real time.

The system can be connected to any point of interest regardless vessels’ age, size or type. It utilizes robust - industry tested - wireless collectors that automatically gather data from any signal source on board and transfer it to the Headquarters onshore. This dimensional Maritime Data aggregation is fed into LAROS DAS software that facilitates advanced performance analysis featuring dashboards, customized reports & efficiency KPIs. LAROS DAS is also equipped with a wide range of innovative tool for Performance ( Data analysis tools) for the entire fleet operations optimization.


Laros Process

Data Collection

LAROS hardware (smart collectors) provide the synchronized and reliable signals (data) collection from any type of sensor, measuring device, instrument or control system on board under the operation of a wireless network. Smart collectors are totally remote configurable and operate on a “plug and play” principle allowing easy expansion of collectors network very fast and easily.

Data Collection module can be selected as a part of LAROS solution in order to feed any other 3rd party software, ERP, PMS etc. that the shipping company might be using.

Data Analysis

LAROS Data Analysis System is the software for data effective visualization and comprehensive analysis. DAS is a powerful tool with a lot of modular options for displaying dynamic technical and operational indicators and graphic representation of the data in multi-dimensional time series, parameter vs parameter, interactive maps, statistical analytics, datum filtering, data mining and more.

Continuous collaboration with Marine and academic Institutions plus cooperation with several Maritime companies has equipped our people with a treasured experience for data analysis and performance monitoring applications.

LAROS DAS features a rich library of industry forged KPIs plus additional user parameters  for analysis of the vessel’s performance.

Monitor KPIs

Bespoke KPI’s for Situational Awareness
Applying the immense experience gained from over 250 successful installations LAROS system comes with a library of ready KPIs for Engine Performance, FOC, Route Optimization and many more. Still, LAROS is the only solution that offers comprehensive tools for easy creation of customized KPI’s to the user. Import information from any source and form your own custom KPI’s for each vessel or compare performance of sister vessels. All data are processed and analyzed to provide smart analytics and insight to efficient decision making. LAROS is a modular platform that is fully customizable and expandable any time needed with no extra costs involved.

Visualize reports

Your Ships at your Fingertips … user friendly and easy to use dashboard
Be connected to your fleet and access information using a terminal pc, tablet or mobile phone. Instant alerts and reports (noon, voyage, alarms etc). LAROS system allows easy sharing of information and reports for any maritime ecosystem including ports and other authorities. Get the simplest and most efficient way to perform your day to day tasks in a user friendly and easy to use dashboard that is fully accessible and easily customizable to any user.

Big Data Analytics

LAROS hardware provides synchronized and reliable data sets from any type of sensor, instrument or control system on board under the operation of a wireless network.

Currently, over 10,000 such devices provide comprehensive monitoring of 500 vessels every minute.

Additionally, the resulting (structured) datasets allow for Big Data analytics, which facilitates critical maritime business intelligence decisions.

More precisely, LAROS software provides advanced analysis tools that rely on data mining, and machine learning and are designed for optimizing and forecasting maritime KPIs.

Laros in Numbers

500 +
12 years
-6 %
fuel consumption
10000 +

Customers that have trusted LAROS

With our Innovative equipment and our First-Class Customer Support, we have forged long-term business relationships with some of the most demanding and well-known Shipping Companies:

"Detail analysis of Laros Data for a Capesize bulk carrier revealed increased propulsion power. We compared data from diverse sources including main engine performance, wind, waves, swell, current, shallow water, trim, use of rudder and possible drift to conclude that vessel had a clear fouling problem. Immediate performance improvement was 5%."

M.K. Senior Analyst for a Bulk Carrier, fleet of 66 vessels
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