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The meaning behind LAROS:

The name LAROS is inspired by the ancient Greek word "glaros," meaning "seagull," symbolizing freedom, navigation, and exploration. This connection reflects the company's mission in the maritime industry, embodying agility, adaptability, and a deep understanding of the sea. Just as seagulls effortlessly navigate the ocean's vastness, LAROS aims to master the complexities of maritime operations, offering innovative, sustainable solutions. This symbolism highlights LAROS's commitment to leading with innovation and environmental responsibility, navigating the future of the maritime sector with precision and grace.


At LAROS, we specialize in cutting-edge remote monitoring and data analytics solutions for the maritime industry. Our comprehensive system, designed to enhance operational efficiency and ensure compliance with IMO regulations, provides ship management companies with critical insights for reducing running costs and improving vessel performance. Our technology stands as a testament to our commitment to innovation, quality, and support in transforming maritime operations globally.


At LAROS, we understand the urgent need to address the environmental impact of the shipping industry. We're committed to guiding our partners through the green transition, supporting stringent emissions reduction regulations and staying ahead of global trade trends and regulatory developments, including EU and IMO initiatives. Our platform is designed to adapt to industry changes, offering transparency on costs and supporting your organization's needs. By digitalizing bunker services, we empower your teams with an integrated platform for digital transformation and data-informed decision-making. LAROS is your ally in navigating the future of shipping, ensuring sustainability and efficiency in an evolving industry.


Smart4Sea Energy Efficiency Award 2020

Technical Achievement Award at the 2015 Lloyd's List Greek Shipping Awards