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LAROS and VesselBot Announce a Strategic Partnership to Provide Integrated State-of-the-Art Services to the Maritime Industry

Prisma Electronics manufacturer of LAROS, a leading system for collecting High-Frequency Real Operating Data and Remote Continuous Monitoring through the use of Responsible AI, and VesselBot, a leading AI and Big Data technology company with deep shipping domain expertise; today announced a strategic partnership to join forces and offer an integrated solution to the maritime market.

VesselBot developed the Voyage TCE Optimization System, a holistic voyage optimization and GHG emissions reduction solution; in response to new greenhouse gas (GHG) regulations, IMO targets to reduce emissions by 50% until 2050 and existing customer requests. The system utilizes state-of-the-art technology and real-time data to reduce emissions and improve TCE for each voyage.

Prisma Electronics offers to the market LAROS system, a true IoT system for Maritime. It includes "intelligent collectors" with computing power to generate reliable data from any analog or digital sensor on board, instrument or Scada/PLC system. LAROS system will deliver High Frequency and High Dimensional Structured Data: Accurate, Synchronized Uninterrupted & Formatted across the vessel and the fleet, ready for further utilization by VesselBot.

With a deep understanding of the market, the two companies, via this collaboration, effectively address today's needs for more efficient ships' operations. They join forces by integrating their technologies to offer a unified platform via which their existing or future users will reap both systems' collective power. Combining reliable real-time data, advanced analytics, and AI technologies ensure that the customers will benefit from enjoying substantial savings and significant GHG emissions reduction.

"We are delighted to collaborate with Prisma Electronics and co-offer to the market this integrated service. It will enable our users to get all the operational data required about their vessels and fleet in a single platform rather than using different tools and services. We appreciate the power of collaboration, and we believe that we can always offer our customers better services through them. Moreover, we recognize the constituents and strengths that each company offers to this collaboration to complement each other." Constantine Komodromos, CEO of VesselBot.

"LAROS cooperation with VesselBot will provide to the Maritime companies with more reliable decision-making tools capable of improving their operational excellence and verifying their Planning and Forecasts by the use of Real Data in their effort to decrease GHG emissions." Christos Giordamlis, CEO of Prisma Electronics.